North Carolina Is The # 1 Magnet State

..........According to a news release from Allied Van Lines-in its 28th annual Magnet States.Report, North Carolina was the number-one destination for Americans on the move in 1995. On the opposite end of the spectrum, New York can lay claim to the dubious honor of being the number-one outbound state in the nation.

.........Allied defines a "magnet state" as having a minimum of 55 percent of its total Allied.interstate relocations moving into the state. More than 135,000 shipments were tracked and tabulated in the 1995 report.

.........In the 1995 study, 17 states were classified as magnet: states. North Carolina led all states with a 67.4 percent inbound relocation rate, edging out runner-ups Georgia (65.9 percent) and Oregon (65.1 percent). Last year's number-one Magnet State, Colorado, slipped to fifth place with an inbound relocation rate of 62.7 percent.

.........While Americans are moving to North Carolina from across the country, 14 percent of the state's new residents are relocating from Florida.

.........North Carolina is a place that appeals to a large number of people. We know that because .many of them come to Western North Carolina.


The following publications have consistently rated us among the most desirable places for


1983 ........ Brevard was ranked as the NUMBER ONE place in America to retire. Richard Boyer and David Savageau Retirement Places Rated by Rand McNally.

1987 ........In the second edition, Retirement Places Rated, we were included with Hendersonville in the top 25% of the 131 places rated for retirement living.

1988 ........Consumer Guide: Best Rated Retirement Cities and Towns: 100 of the Most Attractive .......... ....Retirement Locations Across America . Norman D. Ford ranked Brevard as the retirement community.

l990 ........Retirement Places Rated. David Savageau prentice-Hall Press. Brevard ranked 21 of 151 top retirement areas.

1991 ........Lee and Saralee Rosenburg, 50 Fabulous Places to Retire in America by the Career Press. The publication did not rank numerically, but again Brevard is included as one of the fifty best places for retirement living.

Asheville has a diverse base of business and industry. Tourism and outdoor recreation leads the way with industrial manufacturing close behind. Many fortune 500 companies have plants locate in the area. The greater Asheville area offers a stimulating enterprises.

Asheville is consistently rated in National surveys and publications as being one of the best places to live in America. It is a regional center for activities in the 15 county area that makes up Western North Carolina.

Asheville was rated as "The Best Place to Live In America" for metropolitan areas under 250,000 in 1984 by Rand McNally's"Places Rated Almanac". Asheville also ranked 3rd in the nation in 1992 for livability by OUTSIDE Magazine

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